About Us

We started the Spoke Skins brand with the vision rider/racer influenced family owned business with lower overhead costs so we can pass the saving to you the riders.  We are riders ourselves from the oldest to our youngest rider who is 4 yrs. old.


 Motocross and motorcycles have been my passion since I was a child riding and racing at Indian Dunes and other riding areas all over Southern California. 

 As children, we were always looking for ways to trick out our motorcycles and bicycles. Like those of us that grew up in the 70’s & 80’s of course, had the playing card and the clothes pin to hold them on our bikes for that cool sound and we also had some hard plastic tubing with sparkles  made in them called “pixie sticks.” I am sure there are a lot of you who remember them, we also used straws or plastic irrigation line and even black tape (miles of it). As we got older and our toys got more expensive, so did our tastes for having our motorcycles to be one of a kind and to look the best it could.

 So I started thinking about how I could make my spokes stand out without the expense and hassle of powder coating that’s going to chip off a month after I have them done. I thought about the Pixie Sticks as a kid and BRAAAAP there it was SPOKE SKINS. Tubing that actually extends the entire length of the spokes. I tried a bunch of different materials and found the correct type of brightly colored plastic tubing that would be easy to clean and look great on the wheels.


 We have been running them on all our family bikes for quite some time and have had thousands of comments and questions about them. So we decided to offer them to the public for sale at a price everyone could afford whether you are a beginner or if you are a top-ranked pro rider.